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The SolarVenti system

is a patented and unique Danish manufactured solar powered ventilation system utilising solar energy to produce fresh warm air through a solar powered integrated fan unit. The fan draws in fresh air and circulates it around the panel, thus heating the air and then blowing it into the area to be ventilated. This procedure occurs constantly whilst the panel is exposed to direct sunlight and therefore the ventilation effect over time is very significant. As the system is totally solar powered, it requires no connection to any services and therefore is completely free of running service or costs. There are five panel sizes currently available in the range dependant an the area to be ventilated with significant air flow capacity of 20 - 150 cu.meters per hour.

Installation of the SolarVenti

Panel is extremely simple. Normally the panels are mounted on an external wall with a South - South East or South - South West orientation and all that is required is the creation of a 100 - 120 mm hole through which the air from the panel to the internal space passes. No further connections are required (e.g. water, electricity etc.). It must be remembered to position the panel where it gets maximum sunlight.

Where is Solar venti most useful?

Where fresh air is most needed. In all sorts of rooms buildings and houses that stand unoccupied for long periods. Garages, cellars, attics etc may also benefit from solar powered dehumidification and heating. Prevents stored materials from going mouldy or rusty. This system runs for many years without maintenance or further costs.

The SolarVenti Hybrid
is new to the market and is the Hybrid version of the SolarVenti which is a dual purpose system and again requires no pump or electrical connection. The air based part of the system operates as the normal SolarVenti, ventilating the area by means of blowing warm air into the area, whilst the fluid based part of the system will heat domestic water by circulating liquid in the panel through a heat exchanger which is placed on the water supply to the cylinder without ease of a pump. The Hybrid SolarVenti system therefore may be fully utilised throughout the year offering ventilation system in the winter and a water heating system in summer.

Cost and availability
There are five panels in the range and are costed at approx €450 - €1400.00 per panel. The units are availible in Ireland through Imegen Ltd.